Bräcke, in the middle of Norrland in Sweden, a community 70 km south of Östersund with approximately 7000 inhabitants. In 2006 about 50 Columbians come here, Celmira and David are two of them.

For different reasons they are forced to flee their homeland. They had to leave their whole lives behind them, without any hopes of returning home any time soon. They tell about their escapes, about their fears and their first steps in an unknown land.

Celmira worked for a human rights organization in Bogota. After her colleagues were murdered one by one, she had to quit her job, break off her studies at the university and flee from Columbia with her parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew.

David ran a small family business, was threatened with protective money blackmail from right-wing and left-wing guerrilla groups. He found himself more and more in a conflict, in which he was being crushed between these two competing bands. As the situation became worse, his only way out was to flee. After spending four years in Costa Rica he came with his family to Sweden.

We meet Celmira and David in Bräcke, in a very small community in a new land with a strange language and a totally different mentality. What is their future going to look like?

english / spanish/ short Trailer

Carlos Jambrina Bosch

Flamenco enchantment for the passers-by in the streets of Palma de Mallorca. In between a little snack, music lessons with his students and back to the streets. And afterwards? Music, only music, a life filled with music.


No choice / sin opción